Web Projects

These are a few web-based projects that I have created using p5.js. These projects are experiments in creating interactive internet art, using the confines of the browser to create a sense of curiousity and playfulness. I hope you give a few of these a try!

synth field photo

Synth Field

A web-based synthesizer that lets users create evolving drones by placing nodes on the screen, playing notes that vary in pitch, modulation, and timbre based on the node's position on the screen. Users can change keys and save recordings of the audio for their own personal use.

Owlvision photo

Owl Vision

A fun augmented-reality experiment that uses AI face-tracking technology to superimpose a mask of an owl onto the user's face. The design was crafted to reflect aspects of my personality as well as be fun to play around with.

ableton photo

Ableton Homepage

An interactive concept homepage for the music creation software Abelton. The design reflects the way many users have used Abelton to take parts of audio to create amazing music. The individual slices can be clicked on to play a slice of an audio sample.

ripples photo


A relaxing interactive sketch that lets users click on the screen to create sounding ripples that multiply and develop over time. The rhythmic pinging creates a playful yet medatitative sonic ambience.