I compose, record, produce, and perform music in a variety of genres, channelling various musical influences to create a unique personal style. I play guitar, piano, bass and sing for most of my musical projects as well as mix the final audio.

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Shorts: Vol I

A small EP of short songs with minimal production, inspired by short B-Sides on my favorite albums.

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Hunter Island

A instrumental piece that I composed for cello and backing track, performed by the Amazing Ashley Bathgate.

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A narrative EP that weaves songs with skits, recounting a story of doubt, temptation and redemption in an indie-rock, singer-songwriter style.

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Out of Body

The most recent single from my band Leostrix, a pop-rock tune about not feeling comfortable with oneself.

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A 3-song EP where each song is based on a line of a haiku, reflecting on the cyclical rhythm of nature.

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To Study To

A collection of relaxing lo-fi instrumentals that are great for getting in the zone or just spacing out.